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Progasi Smart 4 2023

The new 4th generation Progasi smart 2023 model year, represents the most refined version of the already proven pit bike. Maximum power and maximum sportiness!

Individuality in every piece

New generation Progasi 125 shares the same platform as it’s bigger brother 150, so you can be sure it’s ready for serious ride. This model is the ideal candidate for starting out! Attention to details is built in DNA of this pitbike. Now available on 14/12 wheels!

Across the borders

Progasi 125 inherits identical design language with 150 model. This bike is built for those who starts riding pitbike but values quality of components and design. Saving on quality is not for you? 125 is exactly what you need. You can’t imagine how fast you will learn handling this bike to show off on the track. Stability on the corners and monocoque frame will help you with that.

So what’s so special in it?

As its older brother, 125 is built to ensure maximum quality of all components. True color unbreakable plastic, boots guard on the frame, silicon unbreakable spark plug cover, electric starter and LED headlight is just an overview of the things that make this bike convenient to ride.

Technical part of 125 is just the same as in 150. The only difference is smaller engine, which is more suitable for those who begin its riding history. To ensure a long lasting life, Progasi suspension and frame are made of steel. Air-cooled 4 stroke 125 engine demonstrates a solid torque starting from just 3200 rpm. Pitbike is equipped with Progasi design aluminum rims that prevent huge Kenda tires from sliding when you go hard.

All you need from the start

Aggressive look, KYB-Tech suspension and Cr-Mo frame that can handle any jump and carefully selected components let this pitbike to be the best choice for beginners and those who values quality but does not look for massive engine.


The new nibbi RACING sports carburetor is specially designed to win races. The perfect design of the carburetor allows the motorcycle to work at the limit and show maximum power. The motorcycle also has a closed-type air filter using the WR technology.

KYB-Tech susspension.

KYB-Tech susspension. Our precision, your advantage. Top sport suspension from Japan.

New Exhaust Progasi System with Megabomb

The ultimate power boosters. Improved bottom to mid-range power. Produce the low end of a longer header and the top end of a short header. Less susceptible to damage than a long header. Effectively reduce sound output by as much as 1.5 dB. Run well with sound-restricting mufflers. Available in stainless steel exclusive Ti-Metal construction.

New Chain Choho

Qingdao Choho Industrial Co., Ltd, high-end technology leader of motorcycle chain, services for global customers relying on advanced equipments and innovative products. This excellent team take the glorious mission, depend on “focus, lean and special” strategic positioning and high-efficiency innovation mechanism, manufacture the most valuable brand, use technology to lead the industry development, provide products of high-quality for global customers.

New front sprocket defender

Dirt and sand do not stay in the mechanism! The engine crankcase is securely protected in the event of a chain break!

New aluminum steering wheel

The optimum tilt angle. Increased bending strength by one and a half times, at the same time managed to maintain the ductility of the metal: the steering wheel bends, but don't breaks!

New strengthened brake and clutch handles

The geometry of the easy pressing!

Proven quality

All Progasi motorcycles have a European quality certificate. Shell 10w40 oil is used on a regular basis. Waterproof wiring connectors are used. All bearings are treated with special grease.

"Details matter" is the slogan of the Catalonia born company Progasi.

Motorcycle type Pitbike
Engine type 4-stroke, air-cooled, 2 valves per cylinder
Engine model XY153FMI
Number of cylinders One cylinder
Cylinder size (mm) 52.4×55.5
Cylinder displacement (cc) 119.6
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Maximum power (hp) 11/8000
Maximum torque (N.m./rpm) 10/5500
Torque to wheel Chain
Fuel delivery system Carburetor NIBBI RACING
Ignition type C.D.I
Engine starting system Electric/Kick
Transmission 4-speed N-1-2-3-4
Suspension KYB-Tech
Dimensions of motorcycle (l/h/w) 1800×800×1070
Wheelbase (mm) 1190
Seat height (mm) 870
Ground clearance (mm) 310
Dry weight (kg) 75
Brakes (front/rear) Disc/Disc, hydraulic
Front tire Kenda 70/100-17
Rear tire Kenda 90/100-14
Fuel tank (l) 6.5
Engine oil volume (l) 0.8
Maximal load (kg) 150
Maximal speed (km/h) 80
Battery PROGASI 12N4Ah

Manufacturer: PROGASI

Vehicle type: Pit bike

Model: Smart 125


1 799 €


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