PROGASI Palma 250

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Progasi Palma 250

Ready to discover Enduro in the 250cc class? Progasi Palma 250 is your entry ticket! Specifically designed to satisfy your desire to ride dynamically on rough terrain or off-road, it can handle any surface of the earth. The Progasi Palma 250 is an affordable and reliable machine, new emotions will be unpacked! Powerful and reliable air-cooled ZS 172FMM-3A (CB250-F) engine with a 5-speed transmission paired sport carburetor and Progasi Exhaust System provide the perfect composite and 23 hp power.

Chrome molybdenum frame with protection

The Progasi Palma 250 frame is made with the focus on reliability and long life. All nodes are high-quality welded, there are additional reinforcements. A plastic frame is specially attached to the frame protecting the motobots and the frame.

KYB-Tech Sports Suspension

The entire line of Progasi motorcycles is equipped with KYB-Tech sports adjustable suspension. "Our accuracy is your advantage" is the slogan of the Japanese company KYB.

Sports wheels 21/18

Kenda tires have long proven themselves in extreme sports. The Kenda rubber withstands the twisting of the ski spikes in winter and shows itself perfectly on the turf. PROGASI reinforced aluminum rims are equipped with tugs, they attract the tire to the rim, preventing it from turning while driving.

Acerbis Seat

The proprietary PROGASI seat, made using Acerbis anti-slip grip technology, holds any rider like a superglue. You are unlikely to slip off it. A special ribbed waterproof coating will make you comfortable in all weather conditions. The seat won't get wet in the rain.

Digital instrument panel

Multifunctional dashboard with speedometer, tachometer, odometer, transmission and battery indicator.

Fully Led headlight

The latest generation LED headlamp is made according to the highest standard, with near and high light.

Accelerator Short-Stroke Handle

An indispensable element when using a bike on steep climbs, as well as in places with various obstacles, for the passage of which you need to quickly unscrew the gas handle without intercepting the steering wheel and without losing control. The short-stroke accelerator handle also allows you to independently adjust the position of the cable opening the carburetor shutter, so that the rider can choose the brush force necessary for acceleration, the most optimal for his driving style.

Choho drive chain

Choho produces motor chains with a special sealing ring in the structure. This ring, made of hard rubber, is located between the inner and outer plates of the roller chain: it does not let dust through from the outside and retains lubrication inside. Thus, the O-ring provides no excessive stretching, a long chain life that does not require lubrication, and also has a reduced noise level.

Progasi aluminum steering wheel

There is an optimal angle of inclination. The bending strength has been increased by one and a half times, at the same time it was possible to maintain the ductility of the metal: the steering wheel bends, but does not break.

Reinforced brake and grip handles with fall protection

The reinforced thoughtful design protects the handles from damage and folds in case of impact. The geometry of the easy pressing is also used.

Proven quality

All Progasi motorcycles have a European quality certificate. Shell 10w40 oil is used on a regular basis. Waterproof wiring connectors are used. All bearings are treated with special grease. "Details matter" is the slogan of the Catalonia born company Progasi.

Motorcycle type Enduro
Engine type 4-stroke, air-cooled, 2 valves per cylinder
Engine model ZS 172FMM-3A (CB250-F)
Number of cylinders One cylinder
Cylinder size (mm) 72*61.4
Cylinder displacement (cc) 249
Compression ratio 9.25:1
Maximum power (hp) 23/8500
Maximum torque (N.m./rpm) 18/6500
Torque to wheel Chain
Fuel delivery system Carburetor PZ30
Ignition type C.D.I
Engine starting system Electric/Kick
Transmission 5-speed 1-N-2-3-4-5
Suspension KYB-Tech
Dimensions of motorcycle (l/h/w) 2040x805x1175
Wheelbase (mm) 1400
Seat height (mm) 890
Ground clearance (mm) 310
Dry weight (kg) 112
Brakes (front/rear) Disc/Disc, hydraulic
Front tire Kenda 80/100-21
Rear tire Kenda 110/90-18
Fuel tank (l) 7
Engine oil volume (l) 1
Maximal load (kg) 150
Maximal speed (km/h) 120
Battery PROGASI 12N7Ah

Manufacturer: PROGASI

Vehicle type: Enduro

Model: Palma 250


2 499 €


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